Monday, 9 July 2012

Script Writing, Seals at the Seaside & the Sixties

I am feeling rather content after my holidays- inspired to learn about script writing and happy with my little holiday getaways to Bendigo and Lorne. Yet, my garden is a a mess, overgrown with weeds and looking sad and I am not prepared to give up the freetime I gained, lost once more with the onset of work and uni. I had aspirations about writing by the sea, instead I learnt the difference between a squidjig and a telescopic rod, and caught only pesky crabs that stubbornly clung to the rod after much swaying and flicking. I saw a seal and was reminded of one of my favourite childhood movies, Andre. Made in the early 90's but set in the 60's- I think this may be where my love of the sixties orginated. I also started watching Mad Men these holidays and absolutely love travelling to that decade.