Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Varieties of Vegetables, my obsession!

Something has kick started a growing obsession in me, an obsession for growing. There are heirloom varieties with cute names, dating back to the 1880's. Tonight I have ordered 'Purple' Artichoke, ' Crimson Flowered' Broad Bean, 'Cherry Belle' Radish and 'Snowball' Cauliflower. My seed collection is growing and this morning my sidekick and I planted the first of my seedlings into the ground.

I have been reading so much but I'm not sure if that is enough. I am excited for a bit of trial and error and to see how the vegies start to progress. This whole obsession has me re assessing our lifestyles. I am so disconnected to the foods I eat, even down to making meals, yes, that's right my mumma still cooks for me. Hopefully these lazy, childish habits of mine will alter as I get fresh, homegrown produce to make use of.

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