Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Spirit

Christmas spirit; She had been lingering, an overwhelming sense of loss and sorrow. Strangely enough, as we spread tinsel and hang baubles there is no dark air and heaviness. I am happy thinking of Christmas. Is it the preoccupation with themes and colours, "what to go this year?" The freedom we never use to have. There is no question as to what I would prefer; picking colours or hearing her voice stating that there is no need to spend more money.  Bing's voice soothing any silent moments as I stare at her chair, now empty. For me, I think it is the comfort in Christmas, knowing it will go on. Each year it comes and I can make with it what I like. I can wrap presents with matching bows and decorate with bright pink and blue.

Little Women allows me to escape, I am ageless as I sit there merry when they are enjoying Christmas and welling up through Beth's illness. I love Jo's spirit in both novel and film. The connectedness of the family is so warming, despite all of their differences. Resilience is key to this story, and something that I find inspiring.  

I am so proud of my mother's resilience. She is crafting all kinds of Christmas related things and really getting into the spirit of things despite our loss and that sense that someone is missing.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your preparations, love lulu xx

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