Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday's Little Surprise

So I am not one for loving a Sunday, but when something like The Design Exchange comes along I realise that Sunday's aren't always bad.  I had been waiting for this market for a while now. I had the cute little postcard on my desk at work and since leaving I recieved a magnet and letter in the mail all about the event.
It was a good turn out, and at times even crowded. There were a good amount of stalls, although I wouldn't have been cursing if there were more. Most were very much to my taste and that of my possum pal's. Badges and children's dresses were reaccuring as well as a bit of art and jewellery. I loved three hat's that could be worn to the races, my favourite a bright pink feathery number, that wasn't quite captured in it's brightest light thanks to my precious stealthy photogragher with her settings:
This at least gives you an idea of the shape, I hope! love you poppet
We absolutely had a blast! We spent ages in the Mining Exchange and went back to most stalls twice. A lot of the sellers were lovely and it was great to meet them, some not from Ballarat, I take it as they were asking were we were from. Um do people that don't live in Ballarat actually come here to visit? Now that's a bit harsh.
This stall was so sweet! I loved a rain cloud necklace that was there but unfortunately did not buy it, I went back later and noticed that it was sold, hopefully someone else will enjoy it. They also had gamer cuff links there which were really hard to resist.
Loved these feathery leggings, one of the first things we saw.

This necklace (geometric coloured necklace above) was one of my purchases, apparently it is 'me' but i found it really hard to decide upon, luckily I did buy it as I can't find it online. It was from Hannmaid. The little cardboard tags that you can see scattered around are from Write To Me.

It was a special Sunday.
love lulu xx

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  1. Lovely! What a gorgeous collection of postcards x Sushi


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