Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pooch Smoocher!

Attack of the bra less, lead covered pooch smoocher.
Hit before midday, Evie her only target. Watch on as she devoures your dearest at the doggy doctor.

So what do you do when a fellow vet goer has eyes for only your puppy and pursues her like you've never seen before? Engulfing my baby with her lips; the most in your face pooch smoocher, smoothering her prey whilst you grin and bear it. Covered in dog leads, boobs flying left to right as she grips the 'pretty' face.
Initially I enjoyed meeting this stranger and her old 'Missy' but I was well and truly taken back when she laid kisses in my girl's wrinkles that were full of gunky slober from her anxiety we think... This was sweet and Evie absolutely reslished the attention.

We had a chat but it was a tad awkward. The kisses didn't stop the whole time she sat beside me. An animal lover if I have ever seen one, once Evie caught a breath she was shocked. Alas, Smoocher left.  We were rid of her, my mum sat there astounded but with all the fast speeded enthusiasm possible for a lady who doesn't walk past a dog without kissing it (I don't know how she gets from one place to the next, let alone leaves a vetenary clinic and trust me she nearly didn't) this predator had returned to take a last look at her desired dessert, if I was willing to serve it.
Creepy? Slightly. Well intended? I think so. This is a pooch smoocher Evie and I will never forget!


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