Saturday, 29 October 2011

Plastic, Not So Fantastic?

I think I need to live in the US. It is so disappointing when sellers don't ship internationally- I came across some Barbie furniture that I would consider buying but unfortunately I am not within distance. I was totally against any plastic for my shoots (and possible dolls house) but I have discovered how people get around the often too shiny and overwhelming look of plastic dolls furniture. Here are some examples:

Repainting and adding material touches and different textures helps to make this piece look less plasticy. Adding wooden furniture like the kitchen table adds an illusion of no plastic as well.

I have found this kitchen a few times. I think customising it improves it. Here is a Christmas themed kitchen:
Again materials and other extras have been added to style the kitchen. I am not a huge fan of this one although I think keeping the fridge silver is a good idea. I do however like the island bench decked out in Christmas cheer. I think that the use of wood with the bench improves the plastic kitchen here as well.

I would love to know what you think of the lounge suite. Does the plastic coffee table and pedestal table pass or are they too fake?

Friday, 28 October 2011

Pint Sized Pretties- I'm A Giant!

Well actually not pint size- precisely a scale 1:6. Nightmare to find!
So in September I came across the I'm A Giant Challenge it so happened that I had been planning shoots with Barbie's and was going to have to create backdrops, and spaces so that it all looked realistic. This challenge linked beautifully but time has passed and I have not started and I'm not sure if I should. I have already spent a fair bit on Barbies, outfits, and props and am still paying off my new camera. Plus finding dolls furniture and the like is difficult when I need a size that matches a Barbie.
What I am liking:
love lulu xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pooch Smoocher!

Attack of the bra less, lead covered pooch smoocher.
Hit before midday, Evie her only target. Watch on as she devoures your dearest at the doggy doctor.

So what do you do when a fellow vet goer has eyes for only your puppy and pursues her like you've never seen before? Engulfing my baby with her lips; the most in your face pooch smoocher, smoothering her prey whilst you grin and bear it. Covered in dog leads, boobs flying left to right as she grips the 'pretty' face.
Initially I enjoyed meeting this stranger and her old 'Missy' but I was well and truly taken back when she laid kisses in my girl's wrinkles that were full of gunky slober from her anxiety we think... This was sweet and Evie absolutely reslished the attention.

We had a chat but it was a tad awkward. The kisses didn't stop the whole time she sat beside me. An animal lover if I have ever seen one, once Evie caught a breath she was shocked. Alas, Smoocher left.  We were rid of her, my mum sat there astounded but with all the fast speeded enthusiasm possible for a lady who doesn't walk past a dog without kissing it (I don't know how she gets from one place to the next, let alone leaves a vetenary clinic and trust me she nearly didn't) this predator had returned to take a last look at her desired dessert, if I was willing to serve it.
Creepy? Slightly. Well intended? I think so. This is a pooch smoocher Evie and I will never forget!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday's Little Surprise

So I am not one for loving a Sunday, but when something like The Design Exchange comes along I realise that Sunday's aren't always bad.  I had been waiting for this market for a while now. I had the cute little postcard on my desk at work and since leaving I recieved a magnet and letter in the mail all about the event.
It was a good turn out, and at times even crowded. There were a good amount of stalls, although I wouldn't have been cursing if there were more. Most were very much to my taste and that of my possum pal's. Badges and children's dresses were reaccuring as well as a bit of art and jewellery. I loved three hat's that could be worn to the races, my favourite a bright pink feathery number, that wasn't quite captured in it's brightest light thanks to my precious stealthy photogragher with her settings:
This at least gives you an idea of the shape, I hope! love you poppet
We absolutely had a blast! We spent ages in the Mining Exchange and went back to most stalls twice. A lot of the sellers were lovely and it was great to meet them, some not from Ballarat, I take it as they were asking were we were from. Um do people that don't live in Ballarat actually come here to visit? Now that's a bit harsh.
This stall was so sweet! I loved a rain cloud necklace that was there but unfortunately did not buy it, I went back later and noticed that it was sold, hopefully someone else will enjoy it. They also had gamer cuff links there which were really hard to resist.
Loved these feathery leggings, one of the first things we saw.

This necklace (geometric coloured necklace above) was one of my purchases, apparently it is 'me' but i found it really hard to decide upon, luckily I did buy it as I can't find it online. It was from Hannmaid. The little cardboard tags that you can see scattered around are from Write To Me.

It was a special Sunday.
love lulu xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hollow Halloween...

Children adorned in creative costumes greeting neighbours. Trick or Treat? We once had two little visitors on October 31st, Dad didn't know what to do. It was still light and they weren't in costumes. Halloween doesn't mean much in my town, disappointingly.
If I was to host a party it would look like this:

Janine Basil

Glitter Bug Heel- Modcloth

Betsey Johnson Sweet Confection Dress- Modcloth

 For someone that cannot swim it may seem strange that I would very much love to be a mermaid...

Friday, 7 October 2011

"Hoarder!" He cried.

Dust in my throat, "This reminds me of year ten," She explains as she sits there wistfully.
Argh, clutter and dust.
"Everything here reminds you of year 10."
A very valid point. He was full of them.
"You enjoyed that then, when you got it and you remember it. You don't need to keep it just because you loved it once."
This had me thinking...
"What happens in twenty years, will you still have all of this stuff?"
Why had cleaning up always taken me so long?
"Some of this I get, but why so much paper?"

I don't know! Lazy, sentimental, longing for the past?
The worst comment by far, "You're a hoarder!"
Horrendous images of food waste rotted into carpet, animal filth, and worthless objects stacked to the roof filled my mind. Me, like one of those hoarders on TV?! Why was I shocked, I had always felt empathy for those old wrinkly ladies with a habit of collecting animals, house full of dirty starving strays or the fat man, with 'bargins' filling his lounge room. It can creep up on you.

This had. Initially he could see that piles of clothes and cushions were filling the floor space and gathering clumps of dust. I lifted. Piles moved onto my bed. Cleaner, as the Dyson moved around the room. Sucking in dirt, plastic scraps, cobwebs from the roof.

There was no where for the piles to li, the cupboards contained memories and irreplaceables. I am stuck now, I need to move on and cull so I can be reborn as a twenty year old, not ten anymore.