Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sweet, Sweet September?

Suffering from a few sleepless nights from two weeks ago I have found pleasure and contentment in the latest Vogue. I haven't bought one for some time, my mistake!
Full of sixties looks and sweet treats. I adored the article by Annie Stevens, ' Shy Baby', such a lovely story of personal shyness and how the world can feel at times.  Reading it at my favourite cafe I felt that things had changed for me, shyness latching on to me since leaving school.
(I love the picture, my ideal lounge look- see the article here:

Pages and pages of pictures and ideas that had been floating in my mind , 'Flower Stand' full of busy florals much like the shoot I have planned for one of my latest Barbie's and the vintage outdoor furniture.

I have been liking the idea of gardening and remember enjoying planting with my dad. I am reminded of summer evenings when I would water our garden. (Gardening)Something I would love to know more about. This doll will fulfil those needs as her character will be a celebrity environmentalist and gardener.


 Hopefully there won't be too much of a clash with all of the pretty patterns...

I would love set up a shoot using retro furniture like this chair and plain dresses and coats. I also love the use of the camera, slung over the model's shoulder.  It is a prop that makes you think about the person's character, which adds an element of reality to a constructed photo.

This model looks fantastically plastic! Hmm maybe I should incorporate food with the Barbies?... I am not sure how I would be able to make miniature food and keep the dolls relatively clean though?
See what I mean heaps of treats to get your imagination ticking.

love lulu xx


  1. Gorgeous inspiration! It's official, I need pastel coloured hair... and a plate of jelly! haha



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