Wednesday, 7 September 2011

She Returns

It was day three when we decided she looked like a chimpanzee. Laying on her back like a little monkey baby, trusting us and snuggling in. I didn't want to leave her alone. I was the the only one at home so naturally when I was in the shower she was too! I had to slide the door open to check on her and in she waddled. Nothing seemed to faze her.

The first time we met she whispered to me "I would be yours, happily." Although I am not sure she is faithful. Meeting new people seems to be her thing.

A new sibling joined our pack, this one was no sleeping sloth. She was rambunctious and burst in and out of Bichon blitz's. Our little tornado. Together they looked like Timon and Pumba although it was my Pumba who was in charge.  My Pumba didn't take long to find her bravery and boldness. A calculated look and then off she would trod attempting to walk down my resting legs onto the coffee table, growling at herself to build up courage; that step would not defeat her!

I wasn't at home when mum heard her shrieking squeal "it sounded like a cat". There she was lying in the cage leg up in the air, "Don't be shocked when you go in, she looks a bit funny. "If you know what a cast down sheep looks like? She's a bit like that." This didn't help me.

It happened on her 59th day with us. She hadn't looked this vulnerable at 5 weeks.
She was able to stand in a slippery wet bath and didn't seem to lose her footing easily so how had this happened? The balcony was so high, could she survive that fall?

The runt "determined to live." I named her Evie, meaning life (It is derived from the Hebrew verb 'haya', meaning 'to breath', and consequentially, 'to live' or 'to have life' as this the act of breathing was required for the act of living) she was going to survive. 

We went to Kensington the next day. The specialist said it would be complicated but their was an 80% chance of full recovery. My sleeping sloth in theatre whilst I was back in Ballarat.

7 days since the operation and she is back on the heater vent. She is walking...with a limp. It should take 6 weeks for her to recover. She is a little veteran returning from a battle with an unknown enemy. Where have I been for the last two months? With Evie. She returns.  

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