Wednesday, 21 September 2011

'The Land Of Painted Caves', not so far from our reality.

I was watching my father tear up reading a book on our holiday in Lorne quite a few years ago, this is not an unusual occurrence for me by the way, but I was still intrigued. Some years later I picked up 'Clan Of The Cavebear' and sat out in the sun as I read all about Ayla a cro magnon living 25,000 years ago. I had not read a book like it, was this written just for me? Some 11 years before I was born.

I was transported into a world with Aurock's, Mammoths, Cave Lions and Mog-Urs. The way Ayla and her counterparts connect to the spirtual world and their discoveries there are magical. The relationships in all of the novels are relatable and very intense, this aspect of the series was very satisfying. I was contented after reading the first book knowing that there were more to come. I drooled over pages, describing plants, medicines, animals and my favourite, the dynamics between characters and the clans to which each person belongs. As Ayla struggles to find her place, I am there with her. This series is by far the most amazing group of novels I have ever read. I have recently finished the last and final book, 'The Land of Painted Caves', and although I was able to put this book down mainly due to other interests, my puppy and work and partially due to the rather slow (that's right slower then the normal start for Auel) and feeling as though not a lot would happen, I returned and was thrilled to discover that indeed things do happen and like all of it's predecessors the final novel had my hands fused to the covers as I reached the final chapters.

I sadly do not believe that their will ever be a series that will feed my soul as Earth's Children has done, I guess when my tummy grumbles I can start 'The Clan Of The Cavebear' once again, just as my father has done numerous times.

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