Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Barbie bee Barbie boo! My Barbie magazine will start soon!

A bit of background: I am collecting Barbie's and Barbie fashion from all era's to create a celebrity world in Barbieland and this will come together in the shape of a gossip mag for Barbie's.

For now it's all inpsiration...

Okay so I am not planning on being in the magazine covered in barbies but I am planning on having a section about Barbie's body.
                                                                             LOVE THIS!!

                  Now how would I go about this?

 I am wanting to create scenes of Barbie's living their life
'Around the Home"


                                                                                   More here

The dolls will travel and holiday so for when they are in the forest they can stay in a log cabin not too different from this one made by my Pop for our resident Rosellas

               Thinking I might be able to make one?...

My friend found this Barbie wedding album- Weddings will of course feature in the mag

This is so real! Very Sweet
Find the whole album here at Glamour Weddings

I promise that is all for today,
love lulu xx

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