Sunday, 19 June 2011

My pup a barbie- lips sealed shut, cold and stiff.

Dreams of a tiny white puppy suffocating in a take away container. A little white puppy drowning in a basin full of yellowy disinfectant and transforming into a Barbie whose lips are fused together unable to breathe. Normal for a Barbie but for me who was holding a puppy, nearly dead who transformed into a stiff cold Barbie, it was highly unnatural and hideously warped. What is going on?!
Yes I have been obsessed with Barbies and yes I have temporarily abandoned this fixation for my new love of French Bulldogs and all things related to my new puppy. Are the Barbies mad? Are they plotting against me in the depths of the night and infiltrating my dreams warning me of what may happen if I neglect them for too long?
Maybe I could turn my puppy into a Barbie and then see if the girls are pleased with my efforts or maybe they would prefer that I turn them into a dog.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Companionship- the rescue

It is a month ago now, that cold Friday night when we found them; a pair. We were heading to his home when at the busy roudabout we spotted a large dog. He was running down the road, puppy running beneath. They clearly weren't parent and child but he was her guardian. The road was busy it was after peak hour traffic but it was a Friday night. We were panicked and decided to pull over. He called them over and handed me the puppy- Cavilier King Charles as I had announced rather excitedly in the car. "Mum's favourite" no my mum isn't some dog eating house ridden hermit. Well, hermit maybe. She was pretty comfortable as I sat patiently whilst he held the larger dog who had happily come over to say hi. No name tags or registration. We called around and both sat, stumped. "Home it is" the big boy jumped in the back- the car being a sedan never felt so small. I looked down at the puppy, cuddled in my arms- it was love at first sight.

The two were clearly close companions. Adventure, was the nature of their expedition. There had been no owners in sight and no leads hanging from them. It was our adventure too. We put the others dogs inside and played with our new friends. She came when I called and was eager for a hug. He boisterously followed- I was not as keen to hug him. I'm always more cautious with big dogs. He received ball throws and a bone from my companion. We took them in happily.

But this was not my house nor was it really his. He wasn't allowed to just be here and I didn't like it. Our happiness was deflated- told they would have to go in the morning and so they did. I carried her in my arms through the door. The dogs were mad, loud and sad. She was a brave girl and his "princess". But they needed to go home. She was reassured with her pal, who would lick her face to confirm there safety. The lady took her swiftly and we knew it was their owner on the phone. We left the two companions.