Saturday, 28 May 2011

A proposition

A proposition- I am receiving first liners from work colleagues with these unique and hopefully interesting lines I am to write a short story with each as the beginning...of course. This is a friend's way of 'becoming famous in 10 years' and my way to get writing, her idea; my quest. So I have received my first... It is actually a quote borrowed from someone who has some of the best one liners that we can't fully appreciate at work. This could be quite fun...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Wedding Wonderland

It was Friday night and I was tucking into Turkish delight Easter eggs as I contently watched a procession of cars driving on completely unfamiliar roads. I was awaiting the first glimpse of her dress. You know the one; designed by Sarah Burton worn by KATE MIDDLETON. A name familiar to me but still one bearing little relevance to my life. Why then was I glued to her wedding?

The Royal Wedding reflected a world I never believed to be in existence. Watching the television with awe, was this happening in my world? A prince and his princess kissing on a balcony? Culture? Could it be? The mass of people flocking to catch a glimpse. This was all very hard to comprehend. People's lives on hold just to see a Queen, Prince or a bride to be. It all seemed very romantic. That night I was strangely satisfied. The bride was graceful and the carriage exquisite. It wasn't my fairytale but something that made me feel warm and cozy. They are not my royals nor my family, and here I was watching guests like they were my own. Last night I was reading bad press about Beatrice and Eugiene,the two people who consistently drew my attention. Personally I respect their individuality and the creativity that went into their dresses and hats. They were among the most interesting of the crowd.

Where to now? I don't know what to make of my discovery. I am left ponder my beliefs about fairytales. One last question stays with me though, where is our wonderland?