Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home Body

My toy cat was named Home Body a bed dwelling, fire place loving fluff ball who I sat in the little blue gingham basket she came in. My brother's dog wad called Boots something with more character some may assume, but alas Home Body had character too! Living at home with my parents is what I do best. The highs and lows, creativity and warmth- cherished but stale. Like Home Body I enjoy staying in and doing my own thing. It is lazy and the easier option. Too many times I have opted to bail and sit home doing nothing, while the Boots of the world roam about seeking adventure. Home Body never was part of my games with the other toys, always sitting cozy in her bed watching days pass her by. This was me last year and for many periods throughout my life, when curled up in bed reading was the more pleasant option. Yesterday I was out camping when my friend a fellow Home Body, although a different breed,when he decided he must go home. Leaving the glorious afternoon, full of reading and breathing in smokey air. 'Just because' he said, definitive and as though that was normal behaviour. He had planned to stay the night and had convinced me to go and now he felt like being home to watch TV in bed! This is a strange breed of home body. Not my kind who don't like planning ahead in case they don't feel like doing anything when the day approaches and once home in bed wishes for nothing besides sleep; life is complete when my head meets the pillow. His kind must relish in the thought of activity and being away, yet at any given moment they are liable to turn around and admit that home is calling them. They may be mid way through a movie marathon or all snug in someone else's bed when suddenly the urge to just be at home rushes in. This only happens to me when I'm out and the night has become early morning, when my feet are squealing out to me in agony, 'home, I need home! take these ridiculous heels of me so I can feel the smooth cool sheets." This is when I feel the urge to be home but I feel that is a more normal feeling unlike the randomness of my friend. I wonder where Boots is now?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

the beginning...

So this is the beginning, inspired by a blog designs site that was just too cute to ignore! A quiet Easter Sunday just seemed like the perfect day for me to finally start a blog.

Henna..henna henna is all I am about at the moment, well and the new shoes I snavelled yesterday. A few years ago I watched a documentary on henna hand painting being a traditional custom on Indian wedding days and loved it!! Randomly ny work hired a girl to do some henna tattong at one of our events and I have barely had a henna free hand since. I picked up some paint at a local Indian supermarket for just $2.50! Cheapest way to decorate! I am not very good and have been practising on anyone that will let me.

love lulu